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    Design Package

    Certification Courses

    Pilates Education

    Group Classes

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    1500sqm of the stock and spare parts;

    Installation and Maintenance;

    Years of Logistics experience;

    Third party to inspect the project real time to ensure the quality.

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    Presale Support


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    Advance sales Support

    Container fitness studio to support presale activity

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    Fitness Room

    Fitness Solutions is dedicated to optimize the experience of users and improve the effectiveness of its managers. Fitness Solutions introduces the popular, interesting and unique fitness products and training courses to the domestic fitness industry. Fitness Solutions is no longer a single supplier of traditional fitness equipment, but also provides variety of additional value-added service to create a full range of 2D layout for customers and provide realistic 3D renderings, and also customizes unique and innovative training courses which will effectively enhance the fitness experience of the members and help the management to operate more successfully.