ROC-IT® technology aligns the user with the press-arms throughout the movement, for a start with the handles positioned at chest level and a finish with the handles level with the chin
Independent, converging press-arms provide a natural motion and minimize stress to the anterior shoulder capsule
Counter-balanced press-arms for a low starting weight
Contoured press-arm handles provide multiple grip positions
Generous built-in weight storage

Product Width: 52.75" (134 cm)
Product Height: 72.00" (183 cm)
Product Length: 82.25" (209 cm)
Machine Weight: 437 lbs. (198 kg)
Max Storage: 720 lbs. (327 kg)
Max Capacity: 800 lbs. (363 kg)
More Details

The HOIST® Abdominals machine with innovative ROX™ technology is designed to offer constant lumbar, thoracic and cervical support to avoid hyperextension or unnatural loading of the spine during exercise. The unique ROC-IT™ rocking movement lowers the hips to increase the involvement of the abdominal muscles to produce trunk flexion. And the swiveling seat pad (that can be locked or unlocked) provides multiple abdominal exercise options resulting in greater activation of core musculature for users.  Wide range grip handles provide multiple grip positions for users of all sizes. Generous built-in weight storage make it easy for work out enthusiasts to quickly add plates to the machine, while keeping your gym or workout facility tidy and saving space.

Dynamic adjustment, designed to provide a more comfortable and secure workout based upon the body’s natural posture and flexibility is the essence behind the ROC-IT™ line from HOIST®. Try it out for yourself and EXPERIENCE THE RIDE!